Northwest Quality for Life Marketing Opportunity

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June 5, 2018

As we have seen throughout the city of Indianapolis, when communities come together, transformation is right around the corner. By nurturing relationships between our neighbors, local businesses and other community stakeholders in the public and private sectors, we envision our community bursting with vibrate residents, quality schools, lively businesses and service organizations assisting residents in need. We envision a more connected place that breathes life into all those that live, work and worship in the Northwest Area because we have built a strong connection between the residents and stakeholders to create a renewed sense of community.

The NWQOL Governance Committee along with various other committees and partners are charged with bringing the NWQOL Plan into implementation. With this strategy in mind the NWQOL is releasing this Request for Proposals to continue its work toward revitalizing the Northwest Area.

Please click the following to review the Request for Proposal.